Stuffed peppers in Oil

How to prepare tuna stuffed peppers

To make this recipe you need to start with round red chillies, obviously the advice is to grow them yourself in the garden, as you can learn how to do by reading the pepper cultivation guide. It is very important for the success of the preparation to choose the right variety of chilli.

Wash the round chillies, preferably just picked, remove the top cap and clean them internally as well.

Boil them in a pot with equal amounts of water and vinegar for about two minutes. Drain them and let them cool on a clean cloth while you prepare the tuna filling.

With the help of a blender or mixer, chop the tuna, anchovies and capers (rinsed under water), until you obtain a homogeneous cream. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to help you. Use the mixture thus obtained to stuff the peppers, inserting the filling into the open hole and removing the cap.

Arrange the filled round peppers and then inside previously sterilized glass jars, fill with extra virgin olive oil up to 1 cm from the edge, close the jars and boil in large pots for about 15 minutes. Drain and let cool, checking that the jars are vacuum packed (no click-clack on the lid).

Variations to the classic round chillies with tuna

The stuffed peppers are so good and simple to prepare that they lend themselves to a thousand variations: we offer you some below but you can then unleash your imagination as a chef.

  • Vegetarian version. For those who do not want to eat fish, you can vary the recipe by arriving at a 100% vegetarian stuffed pepper preserve. Replace the tuna and anchovies with boiled chickpeas or cannellini beans: the flavor will remain delicious.
  • Herbs. Try adding a handful of aromatic herbs from your garden (rosemary, marjoram, sage) to the mixture of tuna, anchovies and capers to vary the flavors.

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